I Met Him Again for the First Time: A Hunt of Surprising Discoveries

Deer Hunt Glassing in Canyon

Deer Hunt Glassing in Canyon

Are you here to photograph or are you here to help me find deer?

Poof! Just like that, at the sound of my husband’s stern whisper, my hair-brained thought about entering that mine shaft evaporated. And it was a good thing.

Of course, I answered. I just wanted to get a shot or two of this mine.

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The Deer Hunt Begins: Shhh! We Have to Be Quiet Now

We left for the hunt on Friday morning.

The clock read 3:48 a.m. as I said goodbye to my dogs and followed my husband out of the house.

(I hadn’t slept much. I wasn’t at all ready for the wicked 2:30 a.m. wake-up call from my husband’s ancient and much-hated-by-me alarm clock. Bright-eyed-and busy-tailed, I was not.)

We hopped into our trusty, 1983 Jimmy, permanently marked with plenty of Desert pinstriping, and headed out.

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A Hunting We Will Go…What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

A Hunting We Will GoTomorrow, at the crack of dawn, I leave with my husband for the wilderness to…HUNT.

Yes, I said, hunt.

I can’t believe it either. The fact he wants me to go along is mind-boggling because, well, he knows me. I’m the kind of gal that can’t travel down the road 50 miles without having to pull over to see the world’s largest ball of string, or stop and do something. So I can’t quite figure out, after all these years, why he would want me “out there” with him, wherever “there” is.

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The Satanic Lullabye: Rock-A-Bye Sinner

ApostasyThe days are growing darker.

Time is short.

You don’t have to believe me, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Sure, just stick that head of yours in the sand and pretend it isn’t so and see how that works out for you.

We are in the final seconds of the two-minute warning.

Satan is rocking many to sleep with his lullaby of deception and Christians are at the top of his hit list and he is succeeding.

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A Godly Confederate Hero…A Yankee Officer and a Sword

Lt. Colonel Thomas Marshal, 7th Virginia Cavalryl

Lt. Colonel Thomas Marshall, 7th Virginia Cavalry, Aide to Stonewall Jackson

Colonel Thomas A. Marshall, Jr., was a Confederate soldier in the American Civil War.

He was also a believer in the one true God and demonstrated his devotion to his Lord and Savior on and off the battlefield.

He served mightily and valiantly  in the 7th Cavalry along side General Turner Ashby and he also served as an aid to the venerable, Stonewall Jackson (more on Marshall’s contributions below).

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A Secret Revealed: Two Lovers and a Solemn Written Promise

Edith Durer--A Secret Solemn PromiseDid you know that there was a time when promises actually meant something?

I came across this exceedingly rare, handwritten “engagement of marriage agreement” in an enormous letter archive from the mid-19th century.

The agreement was penned by then 18 year-old, Edith Durer. She was born in 1852 in Baltimore, Maryland. She was well-educated and her family quite prominent.

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Sunday Musings: Roast Beef, Fireflies, and Golf Balls

Sunday Roast BeefAs I prepared the roast beef for the oven, my thoughts wandered to my childhood.

On Sunday afternoons in what seems like a lifetime ago, we (my Dad, Mom, and siblings) often went to my paternal grandmother’s house…and we feasted.

Together as one huge family, we celebrated food and it was bountiful–roast beef, ham, potatoes, gravy-like velvet, salads of every color, Halupki, Pierogi, homemade pickles, cakes, pies, and cookies. You name it, it was a cornucopia of all the comfort food you could possibly imagine.

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Resurrecting the Forgotten: Her Name Could Have Been Gladys

Resurrecting MemoriesIt’s Saturday.

And besides having this irresistible urge to bake a great big, juicy apple pie, there’s really little else I feel like doing.

After feeding my pooches, I sat down at my desk with a nice hot cup of Joe in hand and wondered what in the world I should blog today.

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Delivered Into the Hands of a Woman…Deborah the Great!

Deborah the ProphetessI am reading the Book of Judges.

It’s a page-turner.

I just can’t put it down.

The more I read of the biblical personalities described, the more I want to know them.

I am particularly fascinated with the story of the fearless, wise, and courageous Deborah (2654-2694 BC).

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Up Up and Away…A Spectacular Sight!

I was headed down the highway in the early morning and all these beautiful hot air balloons just happened to be floating by.

I just couldn’t resist.

I pulled the car over, grabbed my tablet and snapped this fabulous pic. So colorful against the deep blue Arizona sky.

Silently they floated up, up and away.

You just never know what delightful opportunities God has waiting for us each day. If only we will take the time to notice.

Very cool!

Arizona Hot Air Balloons<br />  © 2014 Vanity All is Vanity

Arizona Hot Air Balloons
© 2014 Vanity All is Vanity