I am blessed to be able to write full-time. I love to share stories of people’s lives (past and present), including my own. We live at a fascinating time in history where so much information is at our fingertips. Today, anyone with an urge, can write and instantly publish their thoughts and passions online for the world to see.

The posts I share here will be vignettes about life as it comes–every work done under the sun.

There are no plans to write specifically about any one thing. I just want to write–I am compelled to write. If my writing inspires you or evokes any other human emotion, I would appreciate hearing from you.

You can expect posts from soup to nuts, including historical subjects and objects, cooking, hunting, animals, faith, places of interest, and generally, the minutia of life and/or subjects that often go unnoticed or are ignored, and generally anything else that fascinates or moves me.

Like me, this blog is a work in progress.