I am a writer and historian living in the great Southwest. I dabble in photography and visual art, but my passion is researching and writing about all types of historical figures (especially the lives of the obscure–lives relegated to the dustbin of history). I take great pleasure from resurrecting the lives of dead people through the written word–for they have much to say to our generation and future generations. We can learn from them. I know I have.

Yes, I write about the living as well. In this new season of life that I find myself in, I am greatly blessed to be able to travel more–much more. So you will find a blog post or two or maybe more on experiencing life abroad or life right here in my backyard–the wild, wild west. Think Wyatt Earp!

People and places fascinate me in a way that I have never really fully appreciated before. Perhaps it’s because I find that life is passing me by so quickly and time is…well…precious and in limited supply. All manner of people and subjects just beg to be written about and images to be captured and shared.

So largely I write about what moves me. No apologies. Today blogging is big business and to some my subjects may seem a bit scattered and not focused on any one particular genre or meme, and admittedly the subjects I choose to blog about probably don’t fit so neatly into the myriad of blogging rules and the dos and don’ts of the collective blogosphere.

I don’t care.

The way I see it, there is nothing new under the sun, so I might as well document those things done under the sun.

Vanity All Is Vanity