The Holidays vs. Blogging: A Temporary Hitch in My Get Along

The Holidays vs. Blogging: A Temporary Hitch in My Get AlongIt’s 9 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning and after brewing up a cup of Joe and stepping outside for a bit, I thought I would steal a bit of time before the Thanksgiving feast and blog a few lines!

The sun is already warm and it is shaping up to be a perfect, sunny day with a predicted high of 82 degrees. This is the weather we live for every year. Here in the desert southwest (Arizona), it’s when we come alive. The blazing century mark temps of summer are behind us and now there is much to be done and enjoyed outdoors.

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The Deer Hunt Begins: Shhh! We Have to Be Quiet Now

We left for the hunt on Friday morning.

The clock read 3:48 a.m. as I said goodbye to my dogs and followed my husband out of the house.

(I hadn’t slept much. I wasn’t at all ready for the wicked 2:30 a.m. wake-up call from my husband’s ancient and much-hated-by-me alarm clock. Bright-eyed-and busy-tailed, I was not.)

We hopped into our trusty, 1983 Jimmy, permanently marked with plenty of Desert pinstriping, and headed out.

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Delivered Into the Hands of a Woman…Deborah the Great!

Deborah the ProphetessI am reading the Book of Judges.

It’s a page-turner.

I just can’t put it down.

The more I read of the biblical personalities described, the more I want to know them.

I am particularly fascinated with the story of the fearless, wise, and courageous Deborah (2654-2694 BC).

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This is the Day the Lord Has Made!

This is the Day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. — Psalm 118:24

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

What is the first thing you do in the morning when your legs swing from the mattress and your feet hit the floor? If you’re anything like me you have a routine–the methodical dance of the ordinary–repeated day after day after day, ad infinitum.

But I wonder, how many of us take even a brief moment to look up, stretch our arms out wide, and cry out to the God of the Universe:

This is the Day That the Lord Has Made,  I Will Rejoice and Be Glad in It!

Don’t mistake this powerful verse as an expression of  feelings It’s not an emotional appeal or an indication of your level of happiness–it is rather, a call to action! Our feelings and emotions can deceive us and often do. Psalm 118:24 is a spiritual (not of the flesh) acknowledgement that no matter what the day brings, we can be assured that it is the Lord’s Day and because He made it, it is therefore good, very, very good.

We are, after all, royalty. We are children of the King of Kings and therefore have absolute assurance of comfort and hope, unlike the enemies of God (or those that do not belong to Him).

It is a fact that if we start our day with the Lord, we are squarely in his Will and our spirit is in a right place.

So I encourage you to rejoice at each new morning and be glad for the Day our Lord has made.

Maranatha! (Oh, Lord Come!)