The Satanic Lullabye: Rock-A-Bye Sinner

ApostasyThe days are growing darker.

Time is short.

You don’t have to believe me, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Sure, just stick that head of yours in the sand and pretend it isn’t so and see how that works out for you.

We are in the final seconds of the two-minute warning.

Satan is rocking many to sleep with his lullaby of deception and Christians are at the top of his hit list and he is succeeding.

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A Bloodthirsty, Supernatural Hatred…Are American Christians the Next Main EntrĂ©e on Jihad Menu?

Ravished Armenia Movie Poster

Ravished Armenia Movie Poster

It is a dark day for America!

Just minutes ago it was reported that the Syrian City of Kobani is about to fall to the Satanically controlled forces of what is known as ISIS (or ISIL). A massacre of the Kobani people is feared.

History is repeating and Bible prophecy is being fulfilled.

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Wake up! Look Up! The Train is Coming!

The Four Blood Moons

Blood Moon

I have a sense of urgency.

As much as I want to go about my everyday life as if nothing is happening, I just can’t.

Many friends and relatives of mine…they just seem to blindly muddle and struggle through each day without a thought of what is coming.

They are totally and completely oblivious to the freight train that is screaming down the track toward them.

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