Are You an Heir of Heaven or an Heir of Hell?

Can you feel it?

It’s getting stronger by the day.

The shaking, I mean.

Because we are being shaken!

And it’s only the beginning of sorrows.

All–meaning every single created thing–that can be shaken will be shaken! It’s a profound and somber thought or at least it should be, especially among professing Christians.

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Wake up! Look Up! The Train is Coming!

The Four Blood Moons

Blood Moon

I have a sense of urgency.

As much as I want to go about my everyday life as if nothing is happening, I just can’t.

Many friends and relatives of mine…they just seem to blindly muddle and struggle through each day without a thought of what is coming.

They are totally and completely oblivious to the freight train that is screaming down the track toward them.

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