The Magic of the Written Word: Hijacked by Visual Media!

Oy vey! It’s been two long years since I’ve banged these keys. I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the date of my last post. It begs the question: does anyone read blogs anymore?

I do! That is, if the substance is there. Much of what I read today is clearly concocted and fake, feverishly and (many times sloppily) cobbled together by global virtual marketers–so wooden and predictable.

I admit it. My blogging was discouraged by friends whose business it is to “sell” people on the web (via advertising content on the myriad of available social web platforms). No one has time to read anymore, said one of my friends. It’s the photos and video clips that tell the stories now.

Truly! What happened to good story telling? You remember? The magic of the imagination. When only the written word was the mind’s eye. Has it been hijacked by the “3 to 5-Minutes-of-Fame” culture? Maybe, but I refuse to go quietly into the night and believe that good story writers are all washed up, relegated to the dust bin of history. Story telling is much more than pictures and video. It’s the craft of writing that brings stories to life and sparks the imagination, isn’t it?

Meet Mary Pagini. This Italian beauty, frozen in time, lived in the Roaring 20s. Her life was one of romance and heartbreak. But who will ever know her story, if someone doesn’t write it, or honor her by reading it.

Here’s to all the tried and true story writers of the world!




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