Yes! Memorial Day South of the Border!

On May 23, 2019, my husband and I are jumping into our vehicle for what is sure to be an adventurous drive from Phoenix, Arizona, to South of the Border. We will light at Lengüeta Arenosa, Baja California, Mexico, a sandy peninsula just south of the vibrant city of Ensenada.

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An Epiphany: Perfect Deviled Eggs Every Single Time

I love Deviled Eggs. Who’s with me?

Not just any old deviled eggs, either. Truth be told, I have had my share of really bad deviled eggs over the years (and the store-bought kind are about the worst on the planet).

To love deviled eggs like I do, they must be good…and I mean they have got to be eat-’em-like-candy-good. The filling is key to a really good Deviled Egg, but so is the presentation. Continue reading