A Dream Trip To Israel Spoiled


Ahhh! The dream trip of a lifetime, right?

Not so much!

With the exception of perhaps the city of Jerusalem and Israel’s agricultural areas, I wasn’t prepared for the shock of the colossal amounts of trash and garbage literally everywhere I looked. After all, this is the Holy Land we are talking about here.

Sweet expectations meet the horror of reality!

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Do You and Your Dog a Favor: Stop Feeding Commercial Food

I’m done with commercial dog food! I won’t spend another penny on it.

Most people don’t realize that many problems with their dogs and cats come from feeding commercial food products. Diet is EVERYTHING! I didn’t know any of this until I adopted a rescue. Veterinarians (in my experience) will rarely talk about nutrition as a remedy. They usually go straight to surgery and/or medication, which is often not the best option and is cost prohibitive for many people. I believe vets have their place, but it’s big business today. It’s rare to find a vet that takes a more holistic approach.

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