What Can We Learn From the Ant?

What Can We Learn from the Ant

God’s smallest creatures, gathering for Winter

Ah! It’s October 1!

As usual, with a cup of Joe in hand and my dogs by my side, I stepped outside a little after 6 a.m. But this day, God had an unusual surprise waiting for me to discover.

The sun was just peeking over the horizon. The air was crisp, signaling that Fall is almost finally here and Winter is soon to follow.

As I sipped my coffee and praised God for the lovely weather, something caught my eye. I looked down and noticed a few black ants moving about on the patio, circling and darting about a recently deceased green worm. Yuck, right? Well, it was what these ants did next that captured my attention and got me to thinking about how awesome and amazing our God is.  These ants (God’s creation) worked together brilliantly and began to drag and carry the worm off, presumably to the ant den (see image below).

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